Our agile coaches will guide you through your agile delivery journey. Our experience spans several industries and organisations around the globe.


With years of experience delivering agile software delivery training to teams and organisations in Ukraine, India, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, our trainers will design the most suitable training and workshops for your organisation, bringing a wealth of experience and real-life scenarios to the sessions.

Scaled agile

Our experienced SAFe 4.0 Program Consultants (SPC4) will guide you through implementing your first release train, tailoring the SAFe framework to your organisation, and training your entire release train.


With over 10 years experience, our scrum masters will build your agile teams and coach them to maturity with emphasis on self-organising and constant improvement through inspect and adapt.


Perhaps your workflow is more suitable to kanban. Our experienced agile coaches will facilitate your team’s transition and adoption of kanban to unlock greater efficiencies.